Syngonium White Butterfly

Syngonium White Butterfly

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Add a touch of color to your home with the Syngonium White Butterfly. This unique Arrowhead Plant is known for its low-light tolerance and attractive foliage. Optimal for indoor growing, its strong vines can easily climb and enhance your living space. Invite nature indoors with this beautiful statement piece.

Important details

Light- Beginner

With its vibrant markings and colors, it can thrive even in low light conditions. For best results, however, grow it in medium to bright indirect light for optimum growth and visual appeal.

Water- Intermediate

This Syngonium is a resilient houseplant that thrives when watered moderately, allowing the soil to become partially dry between waterings. Taking too long between waterings can cause the lower leaves to dry up and turn brown.

Soil- Beginner 

The White Butterfly is an ideal houseplant for any home or office. Its soil requirements are minimal - just a mixture of organic matter and good drainage is sufficient. This ensures a light, loose, and well-aerated soil, ideal for its long-term health.