Snake Plant 'Zeylanica'

Snake Plant 'Zeylanica'

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Invite some life into your home or office with the Snake Plant 'Zeylanica', a hardy perennial with unique dark green patterned leaves. This air purifying plant is easy to propagate, making it a great gift for friends and family. So bring a touch of vitality to your space with this natural wonder!
Important Details

Light- Beginner

The Snake Plant 'Zeylanica' is perfect for any lighting conditions, from medium to bright indirect light to direct sun and even lower light. Its hardiness and resilience make it an ideal choice for any décor.

Water- Intermediate

This plant is best to water only when its soil is completely dry. Do so by watering until liquid flows through the drainage hole and discarding any excess water in the saucer.

Soil- Beginner

It features lush, dark green leaves and thrives best in soil with lots of organic matter, like coco coir, and drainage-promoting particles like perlite and vermiculite. To maximize drainage, mix a handful of perlite with store-bought potting soil.