Schefflera Moonlight 'Umbrella Plant'

Schefflera Moonlight 'Umbrella Plant'

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Bring the beauty and brilliance of the moonlight indoors with the Schefflera Moonlight 'Umbrella Plant'. Featuring slender stalks and oblong leaves, this evergreen dazzles with its variegated yellow leaves for an extra dose of visual delight. Enjoy the delightful aesthetics of this enchanting houseplant!

Important Details

Light- Beginner

The Schefflera Moonlight 'Umbrella Plant' is a low-maintenance addition to your home that thrives on indirect sunlight. For optimal growing, this plant should receive at least 6 hours of bright, indirect light a day. Enjoy lush, lush foliage and a unique, unique look with this special plant.

 Water- Beginner

Make sure to give it a good drink when the soil's top two inches have dried out. To ensure your plant's health, be sure to not overwater it, as this can cause root rot. Craft your own lush paradise and enjoy the lush vibes your Schefflera will bring.

Soil- Beginner

This Schefflera Moonlight 'Umbrella Plant' needs a well-draining, peat based potting soil and occasional light pruning to encourage a compact, bushy growth. With proper care, you'll enjoy this houseplant's glossy foliage and robust growth all year round.