Philodendron Monstera Split-Leaf

Philodendron Monstera Split-Leaf

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Bring a unique and exotic flair to your home with this Philodendron Monstera Split-Leaf! Native to the tropical forests of Central and South America, its glossy heart-shaped leaves develop iconic splits as it matures. With its climbing, evergreen perennial vine and thick stems full of large perforated leaves and cord-like aerial roots, it's sure to spark wonder and joy in everyone who sees it!

Important Details

Light- Intermediate

This Philodendron Monstera Split-Leaf is perfect for bright light conditions, as it's leaves will split and grow into amazing shapes. Avoid direct sunlight exposure and it will remain healthy and vibrant!

 Water- Intermediate

The Philodendron Monstera Split-Leaf is an ideal addition to any indoor garden. This low-maintenance plant requires precise watering: water till 25-30% of the soil is dry, and avoid both over-watering and under-watering — droplets on leaves and brown leaf edges are indicators for the latter. This plant will bring a distinctive look and refreshing touch to any home.

Soil- Beginner

This philodendron monstera split-leaf is a great choice for indoor and outdoor gardens. Its unique split leaf feature helps it thrive in soil containing peat moss, which promotes good drainage and helps prevent root rot.