Fittonia 'White Nerve Plant'

Fittonia 'White Nerve Plant'

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Bring an intriguing touch of the tropics into your home or garden with The Fittonia 'White Nerve Plant'! This small, but bold evergreen offers alluring white and silver patterns to spark up any room or landscape. Although it may be a little persnickety to raise, this plant will make a real impression with its unique look.

Important Details

Light- Advanced

Add a splash of color to your home with the Fittonia 'White Nerve Plant'. This tropical rainforest native thrives with bright, indirect sunlight, up to 25,000 lux. Place near an east window or several feet back from a south or west-facing window, always out of direct sunlight to protect its delicate white leaves.

 Water- Intermediate

Bring a touch of the exotic rainforest to your home with the Fittonia 'White Nerve Plant'. This resilient tropical plant thrives best in consistently moist soil that drains well. Check the soil moisture every day or two and water whenever the surface is dry to the touch. During winter, water less frequently as the plant goes dormant. With proper care, this unique plant will provide a pop of greenery in your home while also being resistant to collapse when its moisture needs are not met.

Soil- Intermediate

The Fittonia 'White Nerve Plant' needs a porous soil to thrive, enriched with organic matter and a slightly acidic pH level of 6.5. African Violet soil mix is the best soil option, but you can also use standard houseplant potting mix mixed with perlite or peat moss for good drainage.