Dracaena 'Song of India'

Dracaena 'Song of India'

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Be captivated by the bold colors and unique shape of the Dracaena 'Song of India'! Perfect for any home, its evergreen leaves are sure to add vibrancy and life to any room. Each shrub offers a unique growth habit with an eye-catching blend of green and yellow stripes. This enchanting Dragon Tree Plant is low maintenance; it is a slow grower that can easily adapt to different lighting conditions.

Important Details

Light- Beginner

The Dracaena 'Song of India' is an elegant and versatile houseplant that requires moderate light. Place it outdoors in indirect sunlight, or indoors in a room where the light is bright enough to read. 

Water- Beginner

Dracaena 'Song of India' is an easy-to-care-for houseplant that will make any room stand out! It requires very little water, only needing the top 1-2 inches of soil to dry out before re-watering. Depending on the environment, this may take may take up to 12 days. For best results, water slowly to keep the soil moist evenly.

Soil- Beginner

The Dracaena 'Song of India' is a resilient, low-maintenance plant that can thrive in pots for years with minimal repotting. For best results, use a nutrient-rich soil and follow a regular feeding schedule to ensure the plant remains healthy. With proper care, you may not need to repot for up to two years.