Calathea Roseopicta 'Medallion'

Calathea Roseopicta 'Medallion'

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The Calathea Roseopicta 'Medallion' is a stunning tropical houseplant with vibrant coloured oval leaves. Its distinctive top-side markings resemble a medallion, with a purple underside. Native to South and Central America, Africa, and the West Indies, Calathea plants are sure to add a lush, exotic feel to any home.

Important Details

Light- Beginner

The Calathea Roseopicta 'Medallion' are perfect for brightening up your indoor environment. These plants can often thrive in low light but for optimal growth, provide medium to bright indirect light for at least 5 hours each day.

Water- Intermediate

The 'Medallion' is an attractive prayer plant that thrives with regular watering. When the top inch of soil has dried out, water thoroughly for best results. Enjoy the lush foliage of this beautiful indoor plant.

Soil- Intermediate

This Calathea Roseopicta 'Medallion' requires a potting soil that is nutrient-rich, yet allows for proper drainage. The ideal mix is one that contains plenty of organic matter and provides your plant with the best chance of flourishing.