Arabica Coffee

Arabica Coffee

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 Discover the convenience of growing your own Arabica Coffee Plant indoors and enjoy a unique coffee drinking experience! Native to Yemen and documented since the 12th century, this popular houseplant has bright white flowers and produces colorful coffee cherries that hold the coffee beans that make up around 60% of the world's coffee production. With minimum maintenance, you can enjoy this exotic coffee drink with its unique flavor from your very own home.


Important Details

Light- Beginner

Arabica Coffee is an easy-to-care-for houseplant, ideal for bright, indirect light and conservatories. Keep temperatures between 16-24°C in the summer and slightly lower during the winter. Enjoy a humid environment, free from draughts or full sun, for best results.

Water- Intermediate

The Arabica plant is a hearty crop that requires frequent watering in warmer temperatures, with less water needed in cooler conditions. Its resilience and adaptability make it ideal for different climates, making it one of the most popular coffee species.


Soil- Beginner

The ideal soil conditions for cultivating coffee are believed to be fertile and well-draining, including volcanic red earth and deep, sandy loam.